from the ground up




to spring up.

to expand.

to develop.

to become.

to raise.

to change.

Here we are, springing up, side by side. From dark, cool earth, a flash of green. From thoughtful inspiration, a flash of brightness. Soil gently falls away but covers the roots. Comfort rolls away, but stays the anchor. Leaves unfold, our voices expand. To tell ourselves, our world, what it is we love. From within, reaching up, reaching out, the ground is covered, the community develops, we are surrounded. The garden path, fresh, wild, free. We lead, we follow, we become our best selves. Raising up our own in lightness, in joy, in love. Embracing, ever changing.

Daughters, sisters, wives, mothers thriving where our passions lie: in our gardens, in our families, in our homes, in our words.



2 thoughts on “Grow

  1. You 2 gals inspire me! ❤

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