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With cold nights and crisp mornings still lingering, and bright white still frosting the mountains, we reason that Summer is still a long way off. But in the garden, the steadfast Allium family shows us the first sign of spring. Chives peek out of the ground just in time for hiding easter eggs among them and for snipping tips to layer on deviled eggs. A favorite and versatile member of the Allium family pushes its robust tips through the soil overnight. Garlic. These simple bulbs have waited, patiently, side by side, in darkness. As the sun moves higher, the earth is warmed just one degree more. POP. Hello.


And we have waited. Each day, on our way to greet the greenhouse, we wonder: did we plant too deep, or did the dog run across the top of it one too many times, or did a furry  “excavator” “transplant” it to a new location?  Suddenly, there it is.  Growing almost before your eyes. Now it is certain, that on that brisk October day, with the wind howling and the patience for this task running rather thin, the first of this year’s garden was planted. Now, the garden season begins.

As the days grow longer, and the garden grows greener, we will keep you posted on our steadfast garden gauge – garlic. More on how we use garlic through the season and planting and selecting varieties as summer turns to autumn.


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