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Jonquils.  That is what my Grandpa calls them.  I love to talk gardening with him, especially when I can eek out a conversation where he will talk about Jonquils. 

This old fashioned flower is bright like sunshine and creamy soft like butter.  Their nodding heads are a sure sign that we are soon to be turning the pages of our calendar to a warmer month.  Their height, blossom size and color are amazingly variable.  Here are a few details to get you started on planting jonquils in your own garden.

Common Name: Daffodil, Jonquil

Latin Name: Narcissus spp.

Family: Amaryllis

Planting: Species are readily available during late summer and autumn at garden centers and even grocery stores.  Bulbs should be planted at a depth of 1x their height, in any type of soil.  Toss the bulbs onto the ground in the area where you want to plant the and then plant where they have landed.  This gives your planting a “natural” look, instead of a straight rows.

Warnings:  All parts of the daffodil plant; bulbs, leaves and flowers are inedible.  They contain alkaloid compounds that can cause general stomach upset, vomiting and convulsions.

An additional bonus for us zone 4 gardeners, daffodils are deer resistant!  They wont eat them….now tulips are another story.


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  1. The double bloom daffodil is very pretty!

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