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Pea shoots

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“Close your eyes and taste.”






A delicately folded, curled greenhouse treasure.

A field trip to a local, geothermal greenhouse provided us an afternoon snack and a taste of June in May.  The new growth of shoots, leaves and tendrils are the delectable portions grown for consumption.  Choosing a variety is easy, as any type of pea will do for munching.  Several varieties are recommended such as ‘Feisty’, ‘Oregon Sugar Pod’ and ‘Dwarf Grey Sugar Pea’.  As the pea plant ages, the tendrils and shoots become tough, so take advantage of them during their first few inches.

On salad, with hummus, or just standing in the greenhouse, they prepare our mouths and hearts for the upcoming gardening season.  As one friend commented while we foraged, “The tendrils are the best part, they are the most pea-y tasting part of the shoot.” Come evening, we shared them on stir-fry for an extra crunch.


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