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A math equation

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Math has really never been my strong suit.  My  teachers and my always-helpful-with-homework parents frequently witnessed the blank look.  Word problems, yep they were a problem.  But really, who uses math anyway?  Ha!

With each new garden season I begin again in my greenhouse with hundreds of seed packets. Friends and other plant-wise onlookers always ask the inevitable question:  “Where will you put all these plants?” .   Then,  they see the blank look, the math stare, as I  innocently say “What on earth do you mean?”.

But the truth is, each year, I am quietly uneasy about where I will put all these green seedlings that I tend.

I innocuously begin with the seeds orders.

When they arrive, I  sort and organize by planting date.

Then, week by week, I tear open the packets and plant.

Each flat has 72 cells.  And if I am lucky, there is one seed per cell.  Often, I am not very careful about being lucky.

When the seedlings emerge, I begin to formulate the math equation.

Frequently I am seen just standing out in the greenhouse.  My husband and children have asked me all too often, “What were you doing out there?  It looked like you were just standing there.”

I was.  I was doing “greenhouse math”.

Here is what my equation looks like:



then multiply:

and multiply again:

equal this…

and eventually this…

For someone who doesn’t really care for math, I’ll take this math equation any day!


One thought on “A math equation

  1. I love your math.

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