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The garden map

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Mapping the garden. Something I’ve loved for years and my children are coming to love. The silly part is that we are a small garden family, so small that we don’t really need a map. But it’s fun to plan and dream while the soil warms. Last year, I did the drawing. This year, we did a shared drawing. And our time was sweetly narrated by 4 year old Weston.

“Let me see the seeds, I’ll get them out. Oh, beets, Mom. Rainbow carrots go here, the regular carrots go here. And beans, when do we plant the beans? Remember your arugula was here before, let’s put it here. Let’s grow spinach, I like spinach raw. Daddy can get spinach seeds at the store. Here are the radishes, they go here. Mom, I wrote carrots, you write beets. No Zephir, beans aren’t orange. We’ll have to buy the zucchini, we don’t have seeds.  Remember our watermelon, it was so small. Daddy plants the tomatoes. Daddy likes peppers. Hot peppers.”

last year’s watermelon

This year, the lull between our garden mapping and covering the first seeds was only days.

“Mom, I will give you the seeds. The rainbow carrots go here, not the regular carrots. I’ll plant the seeds. I’ll stand in the  middle here and drop in the radishes. Pat it. This stick goes here to mark, I’ll push it in, we need another one here. Zephir, those are the radishes, you’re standing on them. Zephir, put the stick there. I’ll get the watering can, Mom, I know where it is, I’ll be right back. I’ll turn on the hose. Ooooh, this is a heavy watering can, I can’t lift it, can you help me, Mom? Mom, it’s your job to turn off the hose when we’re done.”


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