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During the first few years in our home, I worked hard to improve the rather bland landscaping planted by the original owner. My sister, and personal horticulturist recommended a Beautybush for the perennial bed on the north side of my home. In a town with several readily available options for plant shopping, this was surprisingly hard to find. At the last place I looked, after searching the corners, and finally asking the hard-to-locate staff, I found a Beautybush. Only one. A scraggly, misshapen, almost yellowed bunch of sticks-with-leaves sticking out of a gallon-size pot. But it was a Beautybush and it had come highly recommended, so I bought the sad shrub.

I gave the shrub it’s due time for adapting to it’s new home. But during the third year, it did not leap. Despite my pruning to improve the aesthetics of shape, it continued to put all of it’s energy into one branch. It did bloom, and the blossoms were pretty, but it was not living up to it’s name. But now, after 6 full years, this delicate bush with pastel flowers is beautiful.

Common Name: Beautybush

Latin Name: Kolkwitzia amabilis

Family: Caprifoliaceae

Planting: This shrub is a native of China. Requires full sun and well-drained soil. It grows 6-10 ft in height with a spread nearly as wide.

Bonus:  It reportedly has no or few disease/insect concerns.

Now, it’s light green leaves fill in, followed shortly by tear-drop pink buds. Then, all at once, the whole bush is frosted with soft, pink blossoms. The cream faces decorated with intricate orange patterns. The branches, now many of them, arc gently with the heaviness of so many flowers. It is beautiful in the morning when the dew is upon it. It is beautiful all day, and stands out from afar. But my favorite time to admire this friend is while it faces a blazing orange, late-night sunset on our horizon.

This bush is a beauty. And maybe it’s because of the wait.


3 thoughts on “Beautybush

  1. Wonder if it would grow in the desert. We have plenty of “full sun” .

  2. I will definitely be looking for one of these – BEAUTIFUL!!

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