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A Basket Recipe


During this time of year, I can often be found working on planting baskets from dawn to dusk. Even amongst the commotion of my dreams, I choose, I turn, I stuff baskets.

The greenhouse slowly becomes a kaleidoscope. Hanging overhead, colorful orbs. Each one unique, mindfully created for my patrons. One order consists of more than 50 baskets.  An assembly line strategy best suits this high volume order. I plan each basket pattern according to desired hanging location and color preferences.

Here is my basket recipe:

My list of favorite ingredients includes:

Coco Fiber Lined Basket: This style of vessel can be used year after year and adds a natural component, when compared to plastic.

Potting Soil:  A high quality mixture, preferably without fertilizer mixed in.

Annual plant selection: Here are a few suggestions.

For Sun:                                                For Shade:

Cascading petunia                                 Lobelia

Sweet Potato Vine                                 Begonia

Licorice Vine                                          Coleus

Mexican Heather                                   Ivy

To plant your basket:

1.  Fill the basket with potting soil, to just below the brim.

2.  Place you center accent plant.

I generally choose either a burst of color or a graceful grass, but anything large, robust or tall will do.

3.  Fill in the blanks.

Odd numbers work beautifully. Work them in around the edge.
One, two, three, repeat…Petunia, Licorice, Cuphea, repeat, etc.

By following this recipe,  your basket will almost immediately have an established look.

And there you have it. A pattern of color to enjoy through summer.

On a hot day, we loaded 50+ baskets into a horse trailer, destined for a beautiful local ranch. Goodbye friends, until we meet again next spring!


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