from the ground up

Wild. Flowers.


On a rare day away from my greenhouse in June, my family and I ventured up into the higher elevations of the local mountains.  We parked at the closure gate, since the road was still closed to vehicles and partly blocked by a stubborn drift of snow.  We enjoyed the noise of our own voices and deep breathing as we headed down the road on our bikes.  The day was perfect.  Warm temperatures, a cool breeze to help us along on our bikes, a distinct lack of biting flies…and thousands of acres of blooming wildflowers.

Oh, the flowers!, cried this horticulturalist over and over.  They carpeted the ground, as far as our eyes could see.  Confetti.  In full bloom.  We could not find a spot to settle for a picnic, without disturbing a forest of flowers.

My tattered wildflower handbook helped us along the way.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Sugar Bowls: Clematis hirsutissima

Cushion Phlox: Phlox pulvinata

Showy Crazyweed: Oxytropis splendens

Sagebrush: Artemesia sp.

And to cool off at the end of a long uphill ride, that snow drift came in quite handy!


3 thoughts on “Wild. Flowers.

  1. the best part was that garrin rode his bike the whole way down——-well almost………and that daddy did not slip a disk pulling the trailer full of kids up hills……..

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