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The Hum and The Pause


The Hum and the Pause.

You feel it before you hear it. The energy, the buzz, the hum, then gone. Then again the buzz, the hum, then gone. There it is, zooming by. A boy with tiny feet, then another. A bird with tiny wings, then another, sometimes many. In deep imagination, in playful games, at the feeder, at the flower. Hummmmmm. The hum of the days.

My boys and I have been trying to capture on camera the fleeting visits of one tiny hummingbird to the bright red salvia in our deck planter. We hear the hum, we watch, wait. Then we see it, we feel it…the pause.

It is a single breath, it is quiet, it is laughter, it is a hug in the morning, it is the eagle flying above, it is the lazy afternoon, it is the bedtime story. It is because of the hum that we are spellbound by the pause. It is because of the pause that we can embrace the energy of the hum.


3 thoughts on “The Hum and The Pause

  1. I loved the little piece, you could hear the motion as you read it. 🙂

  2. How true this is–the cycle in an hour, a day, a year, a lifetime. Ebb and flow. Hum and pause.

  3. the man who took those pictures from his garden must be a highly talented individual…..who would have known artistic qualities can unearth themselves from beneath a hardened shell of flesh and bone……..i noticed the caption—-i.e. photo credit as “twogrow:….is this his stage name.

    thanks you for your wonderful site

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