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There are GIANTS in our garden!


It started very simply: A packet of seeds from our generous friend and neighbor.  We looked them over and decided we had more that enough room for a few big sunflowers. But these, Russian Mammoth, have surpassed all our daydreams and expectations.  They are towering, massive, huge, epic.  We are thrilled.


They are more than four feet beyond the height of our deer fencing and my sweet garden assistants can’t even get their hands all the way around the trunks of these blooming “trees”.

And what a treat it is to wake in the morning, to see the first rays of sun peeking into the garden and highlighting their cheerful faces.

These are at the top of the list of things to plant again next season.  But, my garden calculations were a bit off this year.  Next year, we plan to give them a little extra space!


3 thoughts on “There are GIANTS in our garden!

  1. It looks like we could climb it! And…at the top…would we find a goose that lays golden eggs? Or… wait a minute…is that, in fact, THE golden egg at the very top? Such fun with gardening!

  2. The view from the top must be amazing!

  3. Love the photo with the tiny hands around the “trunk”. Very impressive!

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