from the ground up

Cinderella’s secret.


Evening is, by far, my favorite time to wander in the garden.  The air is calm and cool and I enjoy the fading light, the setting sun, the quiet buzz of the hummingbirds, the rustling of the raspy cucumber leaves.  A highlight of my evening walks is finding garden treasures to show to my children.  I guide them to the gourds, where they discover the new, fuzzy beginnings of a birdhouse.

Or, let them “find” the bright yellow beans that lay under the foliage.

And quite possibly, the smallest tomatoes known to mankind.  I leave (most of) those on the vine as well, for surely they need to be eaten for breakfast tomorrow. Tiny fingers adore tiny tomatoes.

But, sometimes, I do stage a few treasures, just for my babies benefit.  One undiscovered secret is waiting, hidden among large spiny leaves.

The Cinderella pumpkin has a few secrets to share, and this mama can hardly wait for the little eyes and hands to discover them.


2 thoughts on “Cinderella’s secret.

  1. The excitement and magic of discoveries…

  2. How sweet the excitement of a surprise so lovingly planned … and discovered!

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