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Color maize.

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Harvest time in our garden!  It is so wonderful to see the abundance coming from all our hard work over these last few months. Overflowing bowls of tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, and dare I mention…. zucchini.  But, one of our most anticipated crops is finally ready to harvest and it isn’t a crop that we eat (or can, or freeze, or dry, or back, whew!).  Yesterday, in the warm, golden afternoon sunshine, we found the treasure pot at the end of this rainbow!

Now these beauties are adorning our table. Before long, we’ll gift them or move them around the house as “money” or “baby bottles” or “cooking” ingredients.  And those beautiful creamy husks…they have been saved for a rainy day project.  Stay tuned.


One thought on “Color maize.

  1. Such beautiful gems of the garden.

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