from the ground up

Citrus gems.


A tiny flower, growing in mass.  Returning yearly, edging my herbs. Greens fade, browns darken. These small, amber gems glow, shine. Like the last moments of sunset on a lake. Holding the warmth a little longer, reflecting it back.

Common name: Gem Marigolds, Lemon Gem, Tangerine Gem

Latin name: Tagetes tenuifolia

Culture: Full sun.  Drought tolerant. Height:12 to 18 inches.  Width: Round and mounding, up to 12 inches.

Notes: Considered an annual, but reseeds freely.  An edible jewel!

Lemon yellow and tangerine orange, each with the sweet scent of their name. Together, a tangy blend. A robust bouquet, freed by the gentlest touch. Bright lemon and orange, a touch of fresh cilantro, spice of marigold, and just a zing of pine and sage. Orange is the olfactory hue.


3 thoughts on “Citrus gems.

  1. They look like itty-bitty, teeny-tiny, just a tad brighter moonbeam coreopsis. Magical!

  2. AWESOME! I am going to add them to my wish list!

  3. They remind me of itty-bitty, teeny-tiny (just a tad brighter) moonbeam coreopsis.

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