from the ground up

My spiral garden


When we first broke ground on this portion of our garden, it was all grass.  Not soft lawn grass, but tough, wild grass with runners.  Quack grass, a true nemesis.

My husband kindly cleared it away…with an ax.  My Mom, sister and I envisioned a spiral garden bed.

My dad arrived to join in the “fun” of starting a greenhouse/produce garden. He diligently refined the spiral, carefully placing each stone into a fluid pattern.

That first season, I planted cut flowers: Zinnia, Cosmos, Cleome.  And poppies.  It turned into a riot of color.

We couldn’t even walk the spiral that summer.  It was covered with foliage, blossoms, bumble bees.

As my days have filled up with motherhood and other ventures, I have found that a more refined, quieter space is what I crave.  And now, in my tough-growing, constantly-windy, zone 4 (almost zone 3) garden, I am diligently planting my own “field” of lavender

A lavender spiral.  Ah yes, to walk and smell.  Oh my. Of course, this is no surprise to anyone who knows me very well.

Here are a few more photos of the spiral as it has moved through its progressive summer plantings.  And for next summer, I am sure you can see the area I need to tackle.  Filled with….grass.



4 thoughts on “My spiral garden

  1. Beautiful!!

  2. Now, that’s a new twist! I really like that idea!

  3. MUCH better than the quack grass! I’m looking forward to lavender ice cream!

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