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If I were a fairy…


On many of our forest walks, we move….quite…s-l-o-w-l-y.  Little ones finding the magic in small things, mama with camera in hand.  A favorite game is If I were a Fairy. The following is narrated by my sweet and imaginative 5-year old, on a recent walk.

“If I were a fairy, these would be our mountains.”

“This might be an umbrella.”

“We could climb these cliffs.  Like rock climbers.”

“If we want to fly, we could use these.”

“We could drink nectar, like the bees do.”

“If we need firewood, we could collect this.”

“If I were a fairy, these would be my pipes for my sink.”

I am always so thankful for taking time to enjoy the quiet of the forest and all that it has to offer.  Even if we don’t get very far up the trail!


3 thoughts on “If I were a fairy…

  1. It sure was a slow walk…..but all the better to not miss the important things…like the plumbing in a fairy house

  2. It’s a small, small world.

  3. Too cute. Thank you for sharing.

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