from the ground up

Glorious garlic.

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We’ve had stunning weather this week.  I wore a t-shirt, simultaneously warmed by the golden sun and cooled by just a hint of breeze.  Tap, tap, tap… leave tumbled down the street, just outside the garden.  By my side, my dedicated garden helper “excavated” rows for garlic.

We sourced our garlic from several places this year.  ‘Music’, is a hard neck variety with huge, plump, easy to peel cloves.  I bought it from a vendor at a local farmers market.  Tempted by the the huge cloves.

We also tucked in  ‘Gilroy’ a soft neck variety, and ‘French Red’ another hard neck variety.  They were gifted to me by my neighbor, a garlic connoisseur.

We tenderly planted the fragrant cloves into tidy rows. Dreaming of roasted garlic spread on sourdough bread and braids of curing garlic hanging in the kitchen.  And winter begins to consume us, until those tiny green sprouts surface once again.  Round and round the cycle goes.


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