from the ground up

Goodnight Garden.


In the great green garden,

There was a flower bed

And a big red bloom

And a picture of

A clump of lavender with a sweet perfume

And there were three little boys making some noise

And one sweet girly

Waking up early

And a half buried glove

And a sun face above

And a pod and a seed and a bed with some weeds

And a quiet light breeze who was whispering “hush”.

Goodnight garden

Goodnight lovage

Goodnight the secrets hidden beneath

Goodnight light

And the red tomato

Goodnight bees

Goodnight peas

Goodnight dill

And goodnight chill

Goodnight rocks

And goodnight ‘hocks

Goodnight greenhouse

Goodnight mouse

Goodnight thyme

And goodnight beets

Goodnight nobody

Goodnight tweets

And goodnight to the golden leaves whispering “hush”

Goodnight seeds

Goodnight air

Goodnight gardens everywhere.


2 thoughts on “Goodnight Garden.

  1. my favorite one yet! made this mama tear up, thanks girls!

  2. Good night.
    Sleep tight.
    Sweet, sweet dreams
    Of the spring.

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