from the ground up

The fairy lodge.


They’re here. They’re there.  In the woods.  In the yard. Through the forest, next to the river. Past the birch, under the cottonwood.  We’ve seen them.

“Look!”  “Through there!”  “A fairy lodge!”

Bright green on layers of brown. An oasis in a thick, branchy forest. Tall pillars, long tunnels.  Hidden corners, deep shade. Wrapped in a living tapestry. Tiny blossoms sprinkled over the emerald velvet.

“I see them”  “They’re flying up”  And there they are. Wee, silent, bright white winged creatures taking to flight. What else could they be?

We find some extra adornments lying about, just right for our ever evolving little home. And when we return from our time in the woods, we arrange and re-arrange.  A welcome mat. A string of “beads”. A garden fire ring. A secret circle.

And home, is just as magical as our forest find.


4 thoughts on “The fairy lodge.

  1. SOOOOOO very thrilled you did it! Magical!

  2. Soooooo thrilled you did it! Magical!

  3. Have you thought about providing a Pinterest link? I would love to link this to my “fairy homes & gardens” page!

  4. You need to believe to see. How fun to believe and really see!

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