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A treasured friend


Sometimes, you meet a person and instantly feel a connection of kindred spirits. A friend, without question.  Our family is fortunate to have such a friend. He is a modest man, of many, many talents. (I had to tug a bit just to get photos of his lovely hands)

We met him not long after we moved here, and know him more deeply with each passing year.   We first knew him as a trapper, but have learned he is an artist of many facets.

At the age of 14, he began working with horses, shoeing them and making bridal bits.  This apprenticeship helped keep his active mind busy and “out of trouble”.  Many years, states, climates and homes later that first bridal bit still hangs in his workshop.  That early guidance has shaped his life and evolving artistic talents. Among his many handcrafted creations, I have a few favorites.

Garden tools – a local favorite.  He has quite a following at my greenhouse!

These tools can be found throughout our own garden, as well as front and center in my retail greenhouse.  Rarely will a customer leave without at least picking up a tool, holding the handle, and feeling the weight.

Willow furniture – often gifted.  Always Cherished.

He is also a painter of acrylics, a barn-wood frame builder, an avid reader, and a knowledgeable historian.  He is the friend who pulls up in front of your house and hands you an amethyst, before smiling and driving away.

We are so thankful for his deep generosity and presence in our lives.


3 thoughts on “A treasured friend

  1. I have met this man and I am also proud to call him my friend. An amazing man of deep character. I wish to be like him. dad

  2. Can simple garden tools be works of art? Absolutely! And I treasure the beautiful tool that was gifted to me!

  3. It’s always a sweet moment to glance at or use a gift and think of the one who gave the gift and/or created the gift with you in mind.

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