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A Mid-November treat

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We escaped…from the wind.  For just a few moments, but it refreshed our senses, warmed our lungs and filled a shelf in the refrigerator.

We glimpsed one last bit of green and smelled warm, wet earth just as winter sets up camp to stay a few months.  This U-pick greenhouse will soon be put to rest.  In the meantime, we are getting our fill!

With temperatures dipping down at night (and day), light covers keep these delicious morsels “just warm enough”.

Beneficial cover crops green up and then turn over to provide nutrients and organic matter.

Sweet, crunchy carrots- when our own are long gone.

Delicate lettuce mix for a fresh salad with just a splash of vinegar.  Nothing else needed.

What a treat it is, to linger just a little longer.


One thought on “A Mid-November treat

  1. Hey! How’d you do that? I can smell your sweet, earthy garden with these pics! 😀

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