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Ever green.


The season of thick traditions is upon us. We’ve transformed our living space with our tree at the center. The sharp yet sweet scent, the prickly feel, the majestic stance of the evergreen. As we’ve done since childhood, we journey through the snow in search of our Christmas tree. And there is it, standing tall though weighted by snow. But…there is a twinge, a tug at the heart, a brief sadness as we fall that one tree. I don’t recall this feeling until well into adulthood. As a child, I only remember the rambling forest walks, the search for the one tree, then the music, the trimming and the lights. The power of memory. And so we roam the woods with our own children, marvel at the beauty of all the trees, finding it difficult to choose one among many. But it fills us up, it fills our home.

At the expense of adding more to our holiday season, this year, we started a tradition to fill a longing I’ve had for years. We also visited a local nursery and brought home a live, tender Colorado Blue Spruce. It rested in our garage for several days and is now at home inside. We’ll be able to enjoy the indoor company of this tree for just one week.  We learned that any longer will stimulate growth and decrease the survival rate after it is placed outside.

Our trees are beautiful. And it warms my heart to have the company and promise of this evergreen through the coldest (-15 F) season. We’ll bring you along, come spring, when we plant this sweet tree in memory of our tall tree standing lighted and adorned. 

Do you have a Christmas tree tradition? Do you visit the forest, a tree farm, or the local tree lot?


3 thoughts on “Ever green.

  1. Trees. They have such great purpose. They have unique personality. They can be magical.

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