from the ground up

New growth.

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This past weekend, our families merged for a few brief days of play, animated meals, many cups of tea, laughter and snowman building.

We also began, in a very small way, looking toward spring.

We gathered all four of the little ones together, which is quite a task all on its own, and started a few seeds.

Ahhh, yes, basil.  Take a wild guess at who chose the variety!

First they observed the tiny seeds on their palms.  They are all familiar with the edible leaves of basil, but the tiny black seeds were new to them.  The seeds looked like specks of sand rolling around in their hands.

Next we sprinkled a few drops of water on top of the seeds in each of their hands.  They watched as the magic began. The black seeds began to turn grey, then eventually white.  In the instant the seeds began to absorb the water, the cycle of growth began.  What a joy to see the wonder in a seed.

They placed the little grains on top of a soft bed of soil and….. they were off to the next series of imaginary adventures.

But we mamas, breathed a deep sigh.  Surely they will too some day at the thought of basil seeds opening their coats to send out new life.  In new year.  With new adventures to come.


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