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Food for friends.

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Here we are in the midst of our January thaw.  Luxurious 40 degree days, sun slanting through the south windows at midday.  Dripping eves, puddles, and friendly warming sounds out our door.  As expected, our tiny feathered friends gather regularly on the branches of our lovely Christmas tree.  The binoculars have a (semi)-permanent spot on our picture window ledge.  We’ve been motivated to fill the feeders more frequently, and just this week decided to make our guests a special treat. We made a modified batch of suet from this recipe, then had fun squishing and pressing.

We realized, as we adorned the tree, that only the top half of the tree could hold our “ornaments” as another, larger, friend of ours came sniffing.  As we move on with winter and the clouds, the snow, the cold return, we hope these treats will help sustain our many sweet friends.

photo by zach heller

photo by zach heller

photo by zach heller


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