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The state of being inverted. Cold air trapped under a cap of clouds. And far we swing again on the pendulum of winter in the valley we share with a 197 square mile lake.

Three ways to love an inversion.

1. (my favorite) Get above it!  Look down on it!  Enjoy the mystery from a brighter place.  Feel free!

photo by zach heller

photo by zach heller

photo by zach heller

photo by zach heller

2.  Experience the miracle of the frost fairy. Covering the world with an intricate weave of sharp, white, brittle hoar frost crystals.  Amazing, beautiful, delicate nature.

3. Rejoice in the lifting. The lightness felt all through. The brightness that comes after the dim.  The sparkle and tinkle of falling frost.  Joy.


5 thoughts on “Inversion.

  1. It’s Magic! It’s Serendipity to stumble upon the diamond frost, the brightness that was hidden just a few feet below, and the quiet so loud it’s as if the whole world is holding it’s breath and hiding a special secret. I remember….

  2. I imagine our fairy friends are warm and cozy inside that frosted door!

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