from the ground up

Preparing to prepare…


Time keeps rolling on, days into weeks.  Glancing at the calendar, anxious gardeners, such as myself, can’t help but get a little excited about the approach of spring.

But mother nature has insisted on reminding us that we do live in a zone 4 growing climate.

There have been no footsteps into the greenhouse, yet.

But soon, these tables,

and baskets,

will be full and growing.  Soon.

But before that happens, we have quite a lot of preparing to do.

Yes, those are weeds behind that frosty plastic (yikes!). They need to be cleared out, after the autumn neglect.

The snow is melting on the outside of the greenhouse, which means the temperatures inside are warm!

And a sure sign that spring is on its way, at least on the calendar…

Hooray for thoughts of spring!

And now…some shoveling is in order, to get into that warming greenhouse…


4 thoughts on “Preparing to prepare…

  1. Snow. Trying to remember what it looks like. 🙂 Beautiful. Peaceful. Ready set GO

  2. Lovely images. I can’t wait until Spring arrives!

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