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To do: Order seeds.

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This item of business, ordering seeds, always seems to hover near the top of my to do list. Order seeds, many of them, of course.

Many an hour is spent reading the various catalogs, writing notes, choosing varieties for market and also for personal gardening. How quickly that list of “oh, I must have this” for the garden grows and grows….

But, before I jump into that long, ever changing list of seeds that I have and still plan on ordering…let me tell you about one of my favorite seed companies.

Seeds Trust:

This small, family run business is always inspiring me.  Run by a tight-knit family, their business speaks to me for many reasons.  Let me count thy ways:

  • They promote sustainability in all aspects of their company.
  • They tell the story of their seeds, not just sell them.
  • The varieties they stock keep me coming back year after year. My customers would agree.
  • They have experimental gardens, at high altitude, to really check the growth of the varieties they offer.
  • They are a great source for unusual and also native species.
  • If you call, they actually answer the phone and your questions.
  • Their prices are affordable.

Let me be sure to mention, that they are an online catalog.  I think that many years ago, I may have received a paper catalog, but that was quite some time ago.

Be sure to check out these varieties: this one and this one .  They are two of my long time favorites.

So, be off, my fellow growers.  Go, scroll the pages, and enjoy the abundance of information and quality seeds that await you at Seeds Trust.


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