from the ground up


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New beginnings always feel good to me, especially when they involve planting seeds.  We started out a little later than other years.  Finally giving in to the filling of the fuel tank and the official turn on of “night heat”.  Luckily, the days are warm and long, and the heater quiets not long after the sun lifts from behind the mountains.

The trays are slowly filling.

There is already a descent sized stack of empty seed packets.

The trays are now studded with tiny gems; specks of hope:  artichoke, celeriac, petunia, impatiens…

The list is long, but I always like to think of how much longer it could be if I really let my seed buying get away with me!

And, of course, my dearest little helpers are with me each step of the way.

Checking the temperature, sprinkling these trays ever so gently with water…

And lets not forget the soil.  Any type of digging and movement of soil must be done accordingly with the “right” equipment.

I am very thankful to have an assistant with so much knowledge on these things.

And so we begin, friends and fellow growers. 

Another year of soil and seeds, transplanting and selling.

The pull of the momentum, the lengthening of days and shortening of nights.

The beauty we create has begun to grow.


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