from the ground up


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They’re out of the starting blocks!

And they’re off!

Up, up and away.

There has been tremendous growth in the greenhouse this past week. A little extra warmth at night and several bright, spring-sunny days helped to crack open the seed coats.

And of course, a mild, warm day means the heat goes up by leaps inside the greenhouse.  We throw open the doors for a rush of fresh air and (precise) temperature regulation.

Also, not surprisingly, the day we opened the doors of the greenhouse to invite a cool breeze, our heater stopped working later that same night.  Fickle like the weather in March.  Snow, sun.  Heat, no heat. But still they (we) grow, in spite of, or probably because of, the rapidly changing micro-climate of their home.  And there is a deep joy in watching the seedlings emerge and begin.

Hey, anyone feel like throwing out at guess on what the seedlings in any of the above photos are, reaching their first leaves (cotyledons) for the sun?




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