from the ground up

Garden portrait.


Hesitating.  Yes, that is what I’m doing.  I am feeling a bit bashful about showing you my garden.  This time of year, the melting snow and ice reveal a lot of…messes.  Areas that we ignored last fall: discarded gloves, piles of refuse never properly transported to the compost pile,  spots where that sneaky (and rapidly growing!) puppy burrowed his large paws.  There are also many “gifts” that the wind has blown in for me to discover.  Hello tumbleweed.

But, instead of feeling embarrassed by my neglect, I am going to show off the garden.  In a few short weeks, I will be able to show you all how much progress we’ve made moving piles and tidying.  You will also glimpse the amazingly fast growth of weeds! And watch as we clear the beds and begin the planting of seeds and seedlings.  A favorite blogger of mine, Soulemama, gave us a peek into her garden each week last summer.  This season, I am following in her footsteps and doing the same.

Please join me, each Monday morning, for this upcoming season of growing.


And don’t forget to share your comments! Please link a photo or news of your garden each week or whenever you feel a spark. Let’s inspire each other!


4 thoughts on “Garden portrait.

  1. Beautiful beds! Everything is ugly before the plants are in. I’ll be interested in seeing your progress!

  2. It looks just like it should to me at this time of year..very tidy too!

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