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Plant profile: Wooly Veronica

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Common Name: Wooly Veronica, Wooly Speedwell, Creeping Veronica

Latin Name: Veronica pectinata

Family: Plantaginaceae.  (This is a huge plant family, with over 90 different genera!  Some other, more familiar, genera in this family are Antirrhinum– Snapdragon and Penstemon– Beardtongues.)

This is one tough perennial!  We had temperatures that dove down below -35F this winter, and this beauty is going strong.  Check out these photos of how it is thriving:

Growth Requirements: Full sun to partial shade.  Low moisture requirements; considered a xeriscaping must-have!   Low growing groundcover, 1″ to 2″ in height and up to 2 feet of spread.

Additional information: Flowers are a deep blue when they first appear and fade to a soft purple as they age.  An excellent choice for in between patio stones or pavers.  It can easily be divided to create new clumps…this one shown here came all the way from my parents’ yard, in Colorado.


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