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Green Wizard.

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Common Name: Western coneflower, Green wizard

Latin Name: Rudbeckia occidentalis

Family: Asteracea

Growth Requirements: Native to mountain meadows in Montana and other Western states. This perennial, hardy in zones 3-9, is an easy grower in backyard gardens. Works well as a tall fence or home border. Prefers full sun, moist soil. At 3-5 feet tall, can need staking or support. Rather than rays, dark tubular flowers are clustered in a cylindrical head, surrounded by green sepals.

Additional information: A unique piece for a sunny garden. Beautiful as a cut flower. Also can double as a spear, a sword, a flag, and of course a magic wand.


One thought on “Green Wizard.

  1. you are officially my mystic gardeners! Love this post! – Robin

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