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Beargrass. Quite possibly my favorite native.  Geometric art shaped from delicate individuals; set atop a symmetrical spray of green. A seemingly solitary flower nestled among community.

photo by zach heller

photo by zach heller

This year I brought home a tiny, bareroot beargrass plant from a Montana nursery.  This at the urging of my boys who insisted on the beauty this would bring to our yard. And this is true. But I also know another truth: Although I generally find the opposite to be true,  I am certain, in this instance, that marveling over the intricate beauty of one will never compare to standing among thousands.

photo by zach heller



4 thoughts on “White.

  1. thanks for this post on Beargrass! Beautiful!

  2. Beautiful. What a feast they will have.

  3. Omigosh, where do you live? We don’t get those in England.

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