from the ground up



We’ve had the pleasure recently of watching over our friends garden.  Checking a few pots for water, but mostly wandering and enjoying.

The hardest part about spending time in their garden, was holding my children off from visiting and revisiting, several times a day.

This new garden space was liberating to my little ones.  They had fresh eyes for all the beauty and growth and snacks to be found.

But, of course, my excitement was also hard to contain!



3 thoughts on “Guests.

  1. Hollyhocks are up there in my top five flower fabs! For reasons I can’t quite explain, I feel grounded in what feels like predecessor/grandmother’s wisdom when I am in their presence and feel rooted to the knowing of infinite possibilities. They calm me and say “It’s all going to be okay!”

  2. O yes~ I am always in awe at how quick they grow…suddenly they are soaring over my head. They also take quite a bit of abuse, from neglectful gardeners! Isn’t that deep red one gorgeous? I am going to get seeds from a dear friend, for one that is almost black!

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