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Plant Profile: Poppy ‘Danish Flag’


There is always a bit of a thrill mixed in with my ordinary seed orders each spring.  I spontaneously add a few extra packets to the list.  Newbies.  Will they do well in my zone 4 climate?  I am thrilled with my impulsive purchase this season.


Common Name: Danish Flag Poppy, Feathered Poppy, Fringed Poppy

Latin Name: Papaver somniferum

Family: Papaveraceae

The somewhat ragged foliage of this poppy could easily be mistaken for a weed.

I planted this beauty in one of the most challenging areas of my garden: a small bed tucked between the heat of southern exposure and wooden siding. It is often shorted on water, as we spare the adjacent kitchen counters a sprinkle.  And yet, it is thriving, blooming and dropping seeds, for an abundant patch again next year.



3 thoughts on “Plant Profile: Poppy ‘Danish Flag’

  1. I love poppies. Well Done 🙂

  2. beautious! would you like to share some of your seeds with our newly forming community seed library?

    • I would love to share! Let me know the details of how you would like them…I was not careful about them crossing with some other poppies that I am growing. But, they are close to 15 feet from eachother…

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