from the ground up



On a beautiful autumn morning, I  joined two dear friends and my parents on a long awaited walk.

A labyrinth walk.

Tucked away, off the beaten path.  Almost unnoticed. A treasure to stumble upon.

I have anticipated, through several seasons, walking this labyrinth. To hear the story of how it began.  To discover the seed, the sprout and the now the flower.

And… so it began, several years ago, two friends, excitedly brainstorming.  Realizing as they spoke, that they were both dreaming of the same thing, a labyrinth.  The timing was uncanny.  They began merging ideas, studying more about the history and concepts of labyrinths.  Next – to select a spot. Not too removed, but just distant enough to create solitude for those walking.

They fanned the sparks, which rose into flames.  Rocks gathered, moved, placed.  Grass trimmed.  Sticks removed.  All of this possible, with the loving help of family members and friends.  The labyrinth began to take shape.

Each stone along the path has a little story of its own.  As the builders walk the path, they remember the origins, how many times the rocks were moved and moved again.  The stones are the memories of a time, a person, or just the simple beauty in nature.

Those reaching the center of the labyrinth often place an offering, a treasure on this central stone.  New offerings come and others disappear. A feather, a bit of turquoise, a rock from a long ago hike, a bit of hope or a prayer.

The following is a prayer, shared with me by my friends. It is said often, as they walk.

                                                          God, please carve away your sacred space here: That this prayer-path will not be a place of emptying without also being a place of filling.

                                                           That those who enter it will quiet themselves to focus on God’s voice, and upon departing be thankful of your gifts.

          That its pilgrims will find Christ and in so doing find love and peace and life.


 This morning,  friends and family, sunshine, fresh air and quiet, deeply filled a place in my heart.  I am so thankful to have felt and shared in this beautiful spot on the earth.

In a labyrinth, there is no question of which direction to take.  The path may turn you in different directions, but it always leads to the center. The heart.


5 thoughts on “Labyrinth.

  1. Loved your sharing of the labyrinth walk, Kendra! Thank you. What a wonderful thing for friends to do together, building it. Each rock in my own garden has a story somewhat like the labyrinth holding the same significance.

  2. You succeeded in making a transmission in your sharing of the labyrinth. It’s not easy to do. Thank you. I am taking the time to walk the labyrinth to my heart today, what a gift. As always, thank you for sharing!
    – Robin

  3. Wonderful narrative about the building and following a labyrinth. We have done one here in Arvada. It is a wonderful experience.

  4. And we found ourselves at that very same core. (trying a photo link)

  5. Oh! How can my heart swell with so much love and ache with the pain of missing you two so much? Thrilled that we could share our place of solitude. Amazing we have the capacity to create our own sacred grounds. And it means so very much more now that you both have journeyed the path!
    With all my heart, Lisa

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