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We move hand in hand through this season thick with layered traditions: light in dark, chill then warmth, quiet after melody, woody and sweet.  Many handed down through practice and felt deep in memory.  Last year I wrote about a wish for the start of a new tradition. Throughout this year, we have cared for our tree, marveled at the bright new growth, planned and dreamed of the perfect forest home.

But as the ground froze beneath us, with no earthen home prepared, we resolved that this tree would live with us through another winter. So, we have invited this small, green, slightly tilted friend back inside. This year, as part of an enduring, yet varietal tradition.

Rather than disappointment, there is sweetness in extending this memory with the promise of the planting still ahead.

In keeping peacefulness at the center of winter celebrations, we carry treasures along, we let others linger then fade, and others we kiss and let go. And you can’t mistake those which will endure, they fill you and warm you like a true friend. Hold close what is truly beautiful in your heart, memory will keep the rest.

What traditions have you started in your family? Have you enjoyed any for the moment but let them pass into a single memory?


One thought on “Tradition.

  1. Ahh I love this. It’s awesome to see the next generation take up the traditions of the past and also make new ones. In our family we have moved on to the next generation after that as we see our little great granddaughters begin to understand the wonder of Christmas. Thanks girls for your blog. I love it, Cherry

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