from the ground up

Waiting for the show.


I gifted a small treasure to my son this summer.  A small plant that enchanted me as my own love for plants was budding.  A rock plant (Lithop spp.).  It was a hit!  How could a plant that looks like a stone, not be fascinating to a 6 year old boy?!

Then suddenly, in late October, we noticed it changing.  Possibly from the southern sun, sitting lower on the horizon, reaching its warm rays into our sunroom.  Over several weeks, a tender flower bud emerged.  The waiting continued.  Would it open soon?  What color?  It looks pink!  How long will it stay open?  Will it send out seeds?

Then last week, I casually glanced as I walked by.  I saw the sunburst and shouted for all to come see!


5 thoughts on “Waiting for the show.

  1. Really cool!

  2. This is incredibly neat. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Unique, interest and cute! 🙂

  4. This little plant is simply AMAZING!!! Thank you for documenting the stages for all of us. Your little ones must have been so excited. Love these posts. Keep’em coming please. Merry Christmas.

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