from the ground up


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We awoke with our head in the clouds.

Thick, grey, heavy clouds.

Being in this season, sometimes we don’t notice, don’t even consider being out from under.

It’s hard to tell the weight until it is released.

Suddenly we found a secret stairway, the dark corners called us forward. 

And up we went.

Soon a thinning out, like water pushing onto a shore.

The promise of a window, more light and less dark.

Then a piercing ray,  a scattering of shadows, a swirling mist.

Then further up into the grand hall.

Everywhere sparkle, and shine, and wide, clean halls.


The magnificent palace of jewels sitting atop the still veil.

The January castle.




One thought on “Castle.

  1. I remember a palace of jewels. Those jewels were scattered everywhere the eye could see.

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