from the ground up



You are still, sleeping, quiet. Like my babies upstairs.

An occasional stirring, a dry leaf fluttering down a row.

Curled up, cozy, underneath layers of snow.

Our hands and bodies have worked the soil, moved the rocks.

With each season new plans, new varieties.

Seeds pressed gently into the soil, miracles emerging.

Beauty, of the cultivated variety, just outside our windows.

Our roots stretched deep into the rich earth, some will always remain.

Now,  the memories of others will deepen the fibers of history.

And I will tip-toe out, gently close the gate.

A tiny creak. I’ll pause, turn, then continue.

Nostalgia tightening my throat.

In the morning we will wake.

Slow, brightness warming your face.

And an emptiness at first.

Then you will find that warm embrace from the sun.

And I will find mine.

In memory, I will breathe you in and you will breathe me out.


8 thoughts on “Parting.

  1. Beautiful. Why parting?

  2. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. You aren’t passing through here so we can hug you, are you?

  3. And that was a beautiful piece.

  4. Precious memories

  5. Kendra & Ryan, This is beautiful!! It made me think of when I moved from MT to CO in 1985, 30 years ago. I wish you safe travels to OR. I have been wanting to visit OR, and now I have more incentive to come. Let us know your info when you get settled.
    Love, Diane & Richard

  6. Lump in my throat, as I try imagine the difficulty you face leaving your labor of love behind. Thinking of my Montana Sisters as you journey toward new adventures. (((tight hugs)))

  7. Writing through tears. Just know you have touched many by sharing your love of the greenhouse and beyond. Blessings to all of you in your new venture.

  8. Hey You. I keep this poem in my inbox because I just love, love, love it. Anyhow, how ARE you? Call if you can. I would love to catch up a smidge before your hands become full, full, full. Annie

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