from the ground up



We are learning about fog.  Another new sensation. A thick blanket of moisture in the air, covering your skin, your eyes.  The distant call of the jetty horn.

As fog surrounds us, we are emerging from another fog.  The fog of change, release, grief. It closes in tight, stormy and heavy.  But now, there are colors beginning to emerge. We are beginning to see a little more clearly, taking in the sights, the beauty.  Spring, routines, laughter in place of fog. It is freeing to come out of the fog.  It always lifts, eventually

And, as the fog lifts from our hearts and minds, we learn for the first time in our lives that spring can come during March!  We will celebrate the first days of spring in just a few weeks.  And with those days; color, tender green shoots, hidden surprises to treasure, ocean waves to calm our thoughts and many, many new lessons to learn.


3 thoughts on “Emerging.

  1. What a great devotion!

  2. Wonderful post. I thoroughly enjoyed the pictures and the words. Thank you.

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