from the ground up



I have landed in a climate that I know very little about.  As I round corners, I see some of my favorite horticultural standbys; daffodils, hyacinth, flowering trees, creeping thyme, daylily.  I sigh, “Hello, old friend.  So nice to see your shining face.  And here you are, so early in the spring season!”

Then, as our car curves around a tight bend in the road, we discover new friends.  Wow. “Mama, what is that?”

And I exclaim, “I have no IDEA!”

So, to the library we go.  Our nearby, literary resource for learning about the life of the ocean and the plants that grow abundantly in this area.


Excitement.  Yes, I will need to be kept reined in.  Rhododendrons, magnolia treees, hellebores, camellias, bay laurel…did I mention all of the lavender varieties?

After years of horticultural comfort, I reaching out.  I am growing!


3 thoughts on “Color-full.

  1. I like it

    Date: Fri, 13 Mar 2015 12:02:08 +0000 To:

  2. Will you tell me what they all are?!

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