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Plant Profile: Corsican Mint

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Corsican Mint.  Mentha requienii

My first “real” job was at a locally owned greenhouse in Colorado.  Surely, no one is surprised to learn that bit of information!  I LOVED working there and continued there all through my high school years.  While learning about plants and deepening my love for them, I also became a great customer!  My parents yard became the constant nursery for unlabeled varieties and broken shrubs; ‘orphans’, as we called them.  Not only did the outside gardens begin filling in with extras, I also brought home MANY houseplants.  I literally could not help myself!

One plant in particular, which brings back an intense aromatic nostalgia is Corsican Mint.  Having moved to an almost exotic climate, from my beloved and comfortable zone 3/4, I have found this favorite readily available…as a perennial!

Common Name: Corsican Mint
Latin Name:  Mentha requienii
Family: Lamiaceae

Description:  A extremely low growing, highly aromatic herb.   Sweet spearmint, with a little bit of spice.

  • Native to Italy/Corsica.
  • Can be sensitive to drying out, but also likes good drainage.
  • Originally used as the flavoring for crème de menthe.
  • Hardy to zone 7, as a perennial.
  • Makes a fabulous houseplant, for a sunny window.
  • Outdoors, partial shade.
  • A great groundcover or “steppable” plant.


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