from the ground up



One word describes this delicacy.  Easy.

Only three parts to complete this whole.

Seeds.  Soil.  Container.

Okay, maybe five parts, if you add sunshine and water into the equation!

In just over a week, we went from simple sunflower seeds to fat, succulent, juicy sprouts.

Trimmed with scissors, rinsed and tossed in with a little basil-infused olive oil, salt and pepper.  Described as nutty or a bit like a pumpkins’ seed flavor.  My thoughts were quenching and tender.

We shared them with our first visiting guests.  Dinner wouldn’t have been complete without the joyous company and the sprouts didn’t last very long either!

I sourced my sprouting seeds from Johnnys Select Seeds!


3 thoughts on “Sprouts.

  1. yum yum Fed X them quickly. The salad is waiting. love, dad

  2. Yum! This and eating all my thinnings are some of my favorite foods!

  3. Just saw this in my inbox. Love this idea. Thanks.

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