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A simple scent; momentary travel through our nose to our limbic system.  A direct line from the outside world into our brain.   Instantaneous then slow; a smell then the slow wash of emotion. We are transported moments, days, years, decades. To places, events, people, feelings.

The delicate, fleeting sweet pea.  A fragrance that is elusive and hard to discern.  Sweet and deeply nostalgic for me.

With one deep inhalation, the scent takes me far away – time travel.  To Montana.  To my twenties, browsing farmers markets.  To Alaska, where my prolific plants gifted me vases full.  To a cutting garden, where I blissfully gathered handfuls with my loving mom and sister.  To a treasured friends garden.  To my sisters welcoming home.

They are a beloved addition to my garden and heart.


4 thoughts on “Scent.

  1. And at Grandma Burton’s house. Great memories indeed.

  2. I think I can just about smell them. So delicate, both the flower and the fragrance.

  3. For me, they instantly recall my grandmother and another era. Just your images recall those times and swing my heart wide open!

  4. Absolutely love sweet peas! Thanks for sharing.

    Cathy Riley Sent from my iPhone


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