from the ground up



img_5743  The perpetual motion and rumble of your endless waves.  Misty skies, golden agates, limpet shells, tidal charts, sand dollars and driftwood.

You have left your mark on my heart, mighty Pacific.


4 thoughts on “3.THIRTY-ONE.16

  1. The mighty Pacific has my heart too. The sound of thunder of the crashing waves, the sound of rocks washing in and out, and the treasures you find. Yes, endless therapy.

  2. Love it. I remember the days of walking the beach hunting for agates and sand dollars. Soooooo exciting when one was found.

  3. Sounds lovely 💙

  4. The legend of the sand dollar – briefly, the center marking shows either a guiding star, poinsettia, or Easter lily, some have natural holes in shell which represent the wounds of Jesus, and within the shell, should it be broke, five doves of peace are found.
    More than 31 words, but wanted to share. So looking forward to “one” tomorrow!!

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