from the ground up



Run. Jump. Explore.

Freedom in nature.

My love.


8 thoughts on “4.EIGHT.16

  1. great scene, where is this? (roughly- don’t give away your secret spot! 🙂 Cool spot, thanks for sharing it – momentummikey 🙂 (now to go run, jump and explore my neck of the woods this weekend- thanks for the inspiration!!)

    • Hi! This beautiful spit was in the Redwoods NP. We took a family trip there recently, for spring break. Glad you enjoying our blog- thanks for stopping by!

  2. thank you for posting! I’ve been missing you! Happy spring!

    • Hi Robin! So glad you are still enjoying Grow with us. I think of you often, though we have never met. My sister is still in Kalispell. And after being gone over a year, I still miss Montana deeply. I still dream of my plant images in your seed packets! We would love an update on your business!

  3. That darn log is right in your way!

  4. My, what a big bump in the road!

  5. Nature is always waiting for us. Get out.

  6. How fun. Nice to see you are finding lots of adventure in the Great Northwest.

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