from the ground up



A sprinkle of delicate petals in your salad,

 A bite of color and a hint of peppery zing.

  Its summer, lets eat the rainbow!



3 thoughts on “7.TWENTY-FIVE.16

  1. Kendra, tried to grow these from seed. They grew fast and then died! Almost all of them anyway and no flowers. What did I do wrong? I love these flowers.

    • Cherry! I often have trouble with these too. I have found that they like at least a half a day of protection from the sun and plenty of water. When we lived in Montana, I tried to grow them every year and they always got thrips on them. The ones I have here aren’t really looking very good, but they do have flowers on them. They were in full sun, and I moved them to a more shaded area and they are looking better. I wish I had some great, definitive advise! Mostly I am just so thrilled that you read our blog! Love to you and Lee!

  2. Looks yummy. Such an incentive to try and eat the rainbow. Have to do some research on “edible flowers” for special color. Or ask my expert 😉

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