from the ground up



I was honored to join a friend on a misty walk among her lovingly tended perennial garden beds.




We can feel it in the air.  A dip in the air temperature.  The slant of the sun.  The first colored leaves on a tree.

Yet, these beauties are blooming their hearts out. Bright, showy colors, pinks and purples.  Before the yellow, gold, orange and red of mother nature.

One last riot of color.  An encore.  I am so thankful for a ticket to the show!



With Love, From Grandma

In small, glazed pots, my Grandma always kept a few houseplants on her windowsills.  After her passing, my mom gifted us some of these plants.  My mom also worked diligently to keep a long-time favorite alive.  A rose style, pink impatiens.

She had one small cutting.  It was the last piece.  Only a few inches tall.  She kept the water clean, checking it daily.  She even brought it with her in her travels to see my family, to ensure it would not be without water or care.

Almost four years later, this heirloom impatiens has flourished into a stunning houseplant.  And is now plentiful enough to be placed in many outdoor summer plantings.

 Thank you, Grandma.  It is beautiful.